Miniature Water Garden Pond Ideas You Can Try

Water Garden Pond Ideas 1

The mini pond can add an attractive touch to your miniature garden pond ideas. Creating a mini pond is basically easy and it can be a good way to use space and to improve your garden. You have to let your imagination flow and also be creative with some ideas to give your mini pond a beautiful and natural look. When you start building a mini pond, you need to consider the following steps.

Location of the Pond

When opting for a location, you need to think about the reach of light. A mini pond needs to be placed in a spot where it can get 4-6 hours of sunlight day by day. By having enough sunshine every day, the pond will stay healthy. Additionally, you need to avoid placing the mini pond in an area where the runoff from rain is expected to go directly into the pond. This runoff from rain can damage the aquatic plants and wash the debris in it. Remember not to keep the mini pond obscure and it’s highly recommended to place the mini pond at the center of garden so that everyone can take a look at the beauty.

Materials and Construction

There will be some required materials in building mini pond such as plants, mini rocks, mini pebbles, potting soil, mini shrubs, accessories, gloves and so forth. You can get various interesting themes for the mini pond like a fairy pond, mini pond with turtle or perhaps mini lily pad pond.

Floating Plants and Stones

As a complement to your mini garden pond ideas, you have to pick a mixture of oxygenating, aquatics and floating plants to keep your mini pond’s water clear. Besides, you may add some decorative stones such as beach glass pebbles or salt and pepper pebbles as the decorative ground cover for your mini pond. Otherwise, you may use raindrops made of resin crystals and added with blue light to have an impressive effect of sparkling water in your mini pond.