Ingenious Hallway Storage Ideas

Hallway Storage Ideas 7

The place under the stairs or hallway typically remains an empty space that is unhelpful. Most of the time, this place serves only for catching dust and nothing more. Then again, you may feel like there isn’t enough space for storing your stuffs in your house. So why not take benefit from your hallway and make it a very useful storage place? You can maximize the space and enhance the aesthetics of hallway if you manage to exploit the space under the stairs in a practical and creative way. The following are some ingenious hallway storage ideas that might serve as inspiration and assist homeowners to make use of additional space under the stairs.

The first suggested hallway storage idea that you can try is the bicycle rack. On the other hand, it’s for all time a problematic part of the home. The bikes are usually stored in the attic, basement or front yard. As a matter of fact, a bicycle rack under your hallway can be very functional. By applying this helpful storage idea, you can save some spaces and it will be easier to take the bikes whenever you need them. The console hallway tables under the stairs are commonly located in your hallway area. As a result, you can make use of the space under the stairs and also make an inviting and welcoming entrance by adding a console ornamental table under the stairs.

The hallway storage ideas under the stairs can be a very creative storage rack that can save you space in your hallway. Besides, it can aesthetically make an organized and fine-looking hallway. In case you don’t like to put on view the jackets and shoes in your hallway, you can make a hallway cabinet storage space under the stairs. In addition, a closet under the stairs can actually save homeowners an extra space and at the same time enhance the aesthetics in your current hallway.