Decorating Bathroom with a Beach Theme

Beach themed bathroom 14

For those who wish to have a beach themed bathroom, then the decoration is definitely the important part to think about. In generating a beach theme, you simply can’t have any styles and colors of soaps and towels or hang up pictures of the beach and then call it beach decor. In order to have a bathroom with beach theme, you need to think of the decoration as a way to bring more of the beach into your bathroom. In addition, you have to look at the decoration as your way to give emphasis to the joys of the beach.

Beach themed bathroom paint colors

The decoration colors for this bathroom will have to stir up memories of the beach itself. You need to use natural colors that occur naturally in the beach rather than bright or eye-catching colors that have been commonly used in western and modern themes. Firstly, you can think of the sky blue color that will fit the decor and work very well in a beach themed bathroom. Next, you can think of the sand color which is shade of tan.

Consider the water color on a good beach. The water usually comes in a smooth blue-green (shade of aqua) which can be used with the blue color. Think about the coral and shells colors on the beach. The common color of coral is a kind of pinky-orange and the shells comes in brownish. Both colors can work well in the decoration of your beach themed bathroom.

Other things to consider in decorating a beach themed bathroom are to have some ‘beachy’ items such as a photo or the beach and soaps in the form of shells. You may also look for a shower curtain which has shells on it, hand towels that have shells on them or perhaps a hand soap dispenser that has decorative water on it.