Attractive Backyard Pond Ideas for All Budgets

Backyard Pond Ideas 9

Adding a pond or water feature can make your backyard garden to spring to life. Providing fresh water is the main key to encouraging the essential pollinators such as bees, birds, butterflies, frogs and other small wildlife to make your garden their favorite hangout. In determining your backyard pond ideas, firstly you need to get inspired. There will be so many options to consider like type of materials to contain, waterfalls, fish and plants.

Planning and building the backyard pond

You have to collect some ideas ranging in size from small containers to large ponds which cover all styles and budgets. Right after you know the style you are looking for, then you can start planning and building the backyard pond. Remember that the larger the pond, the more expected you are to require professional assistance with the planning and installation. However, some of the small ponds can be pricey too, relying on the option of materials and whether you purchase them used or new.

The 2-tier wood-framed raised pond with water feature is one of the wonderful backyard pond ideas you can try. This pond will take some planning to work out the flow of the water from the very top tier to the lower tier. It will be more exciting if you can add the gargoyle fountain and statues to this pond. You may also go for farm stock tub used as small container pond idea. The stock tubs are available in galvanized metal and plastic. You can easily find both stock tubs at farm supply stores nearby. Remember that the metal stuck tub is really gorgeous but a little bit expensive for a small pond.

Another good-looking pond idea is the small in-ground backyard pond with pond liner. If the soil around your house is easy to dig, then you install one of these wonderful backyard pond ideas within 2 hours. You can place branches draped across the pond so the birds can’t eat the fish in it.