9 Unique Kitchen Islands Ideas

Unique Kitchen Islands 2

For those who want to do kitchen remodeling on their own, then they should not neglect the unique kitchen islands ideas. Nowadays, kitchen Islands are used to home luxury appliances that don’t fit in the cabinet structure such as a second oven, second microwave, wine refrigerator or cook top. Most of the times, Islands are fully wired for electricity and they actually have plumbing for a second sink. Moreover, the base of an island can be actually utilized as a wine rack. On the other words, the possibilities of kitchen islands ideas are nearly endless.

The Functional Kitchen Islands Ideas

Using a totally different surface and color is perfectly acceptable. For instance, there will be islands of concrete while the rest of the kitchen countertop is made of granite. There is also a black island that has been used as a fine dividing wall to keep the children away from a clean kitchen. A ready-to-install stock island you can buy in a home store with connections for power and drainage costs approximately $800. A custom concrete countertop island with cook top, sink and wine refrigerator can reach $10.000.

When it comes to a unique island, the design needs to follow the main function. For instance, if you’re tired of not being able to put hot pots straightforwardly on the countertop, you can install granite on the island where placing a red hot pan will be very easy. Besides, you have to plan the height of the cabinet properly. As most kitchen islands will come with at least 2 stools or chairs pulled up to the surface, you may want to consider the stools or seating first.

The smaller kitchen islands are used mostly as an aid in baking or cooking. Moreover, they can be moved around the kitchen and fitted with wheels as required to aid in cooking. The intentionally placed unique kitchen island will act as a room divider to separate the kitchen from the dining room with an open feel.