25 Boys Room Ideas

In consideration of decorating a boy’s room, the majority of parents tend to feel a little bit stuck on ideas. One thing for sure that most boys don’t really care about how their room looks like. On the other hand, they’re more interested in their toys, game console and so forth. Thus, it’s really easier for parents to keep the boy’s room as simple as possible. The following are some tips on how to figure out the very suitable boys room ideas on your own.

Firstly, you can paint the walls with the same color as the lounge room to make the color flowed through. Afterwards, you can buy a tartan fabric or big check that had the beige in it. Other colors in the tartan check were red and navy blue. Make a curtain pelmet and quilt cover out of the tartan and then look for navy blue material and make a bed skirt which was box pleated (sham) for the pillow and bed cases. Next, make curtains out of the navy and also make tie backs in that tartan fabric.

By following one of the boys room ideas above, you can see that the theme followed right the boy’s room. In case you have to change the theme, all you need to do is simply changing the tartan fabric and then you would have an inclusive new look in your boy’s room. This theme can last for a long time even when your son is turning 21 as he may still like the navy and tartan curtains. Also, boys have a tendency to favor dark colors so you can let them have the dark curtains and keep the walls light.

For younger boys, you can opt for their favorite character quilt cover. Keep the walls a soft color in order to create space and also keep the curtains a plain color. You can purchase a new quilt cover and pillow cases to take on a whole new look in your boy’s room. To teach the boys to be organized at a young age, you can provide them with boxes for each group of toys rather than having a toy box where everything just gets thrown in. Those boxes can be put onto a book shelf and they can be made of durable plastic.

These boys room ideas can be used as reference to get started on decorating your boy’s room without difficulties. Remember to always think long term and keep it simple so it will be easier to change as they grow.