23 Garden Pond Ideas

Whenever you are building a water garden, you will have to select from either a soft pond liner or a hard pond liner. If you opt for a soft liner, then your fish pond or water garden can take any shape which include round, square, oblong or anything else that you like. In case you’re using a preformed or rigid pond, you will have to obtain your liner already formed into the actual shape that you wish your pond to be in. The best garden pond ideas will basically begin with the liner and they will work their way outwards.

In fact, the shape of your garden pond will not bring in a character or charm. The water plants and the fishes that surround the outside of your pond are the things that can give charm or character. The garden pond ideas can be in a formal and informal style. The formal pond designs come with geometric shapes and clean straight lines. These ponds often come with stiff borders made of brick, preformed rocks or tiles. These formal garden ponds can be actually used as reflecting pools as they’re very calm and they can reflect the surrounding flowers or tress. Most of the time, you won’t see this pond style or water garden in backyard.

Squares and rectangles have been thought to be of formal pond styles. If they are stretched to being oval, then they will have a more informal look. The informal garden pond ideas usually come with curving fluid lines that flow into the surrounding vegetation and gardens without defined edges. These pond styles enclose a more natural look and function. Waterfalls are usually included with this type of pond design. Its edging will compliment the landscaping that can be hilly and irregular. Making use of river rocks and large rocks on the edges and bottom of the pond can make it seem more natural.

Rectangles can be considered as the simplest shapes to install since they are basically a lot easier to dig a hole for. Besides, you only need to make a few folds in the corners when using soft liners. The preformed ponds like kidney shapes are also easier to install, while the free formed designs are trickier to install on your own. In case you’re applying one of these garden pond ideas on your own, then it might be really wise to steer clear of the shapes that may produce unequal design. Most prominently, you need to plan extra spaces for a chair or two so that you can sit and enjoy the pond.