20 Bohemian Decor Ideas

The Bohemian decor is commonly intended for people who want their own homes full of culture and fascinating items for the entire world to see. It flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual. The Bohemian-style rooms have a tendency to come with certain similarities or they may share some of the identical features. The following are some similarities owned by Bohemian decorating ideas.


The main key when using materials in this Bohemian room is to always mix and match. It’s highly suggested to make use some natural materials such as sisal and burlap and then mix them with chenille and silk. The materials for Bohemian decor should come with a slightly worn look but not damaged and not shiny either. Every Bohemian item may have fringe on it starting from lampshades, pillows to curtains.


When it comes to Bohemian decor, there are actually no rules to figure out the common colors. You can go for terra cotta, brown, gold and several other colors in that family. Besides, you may also opt for jewel tones such as electric blue, saturated purple and fiery orange along with the accessories like art and tapestries. The primary concept when using color in Bohemian decor is basically to think warm. And always remember that white has definitely no place in a Bohemian-inspired room. You need to combine a lot of patterns and don’t be hesitate to use some colors that would not inevitably go together in a conservative way.


In terms of Bohemian furniture, it can’t be obtained in just any old furnishing store. Bohemian rooms have a tendency to be completely full of outdated or aged furniture. The vintage and second hand items are very ideal in these rooms. The sizes and shapes are not nearly as essential as they are in some other styles of rooms. Make sure that each item should be very special and it can tell a story regardless of what it looks like. Nobody can walk in to a Bohemian-style room and be able to tell where you got those furnishings. On the other words, the most familiar type of furniture in Bohemian rooms is certainly Victorian in nature.


The accessories in bohemian decor should be capable of telling the story of the people or family who live there. Some of the ideal accessories for Bohemian room are drippy crystal chandeliers, vintage bottles, ornate boxes and ornate gold mirrors. In general, all of the items in a Bohemian-style room should look like they have been gathered from around the world.