16 Mid Century Modern Bookcase

Mid Century Modern Bookcase 01

The mid century style may signify elegant and stylish but this doesn’t mean boring or ordinary. This style can be configured on your bookcases. You can basically find nearly any kind of wood and different configurations for the mid century modern bookcase. For instance, you can simply form a bookcase that is similar to open shelves to a closed sideboard with the bookcase functions. For those who look for a stylish and modern bookcase for your room, then you can opt for small and dark sideboards which may also act as bookcases and serve as a room divider. The following are some elegant and cool ideas so you can choose some appropriate pieces for yourself.

Modern horizontal bookcase with 4-shelf

One of the highly recommended mid century bookcases is definitely the modern horizontal bookcase with 4-shelf. This can be the ultimate combination in structure and function. It comes with three separate vertical compartments and also 4 shelves which can be placed at different heights. This 4-shelf bookcase is very ideal for collectors and it is versatile enough to fit flawlessly into a guest bedroom or home office. With a modern and clean look and eternal faux wood finish, this modern bookcase is definitely not lacking in the style department.

You may also opt for the mid century modern bookcase with 5-shelf. It’s standing tall at almost 6′ and it’s a very ideal space-saving office companion. This bookshelf is a modern version of a classic one since it’s placed atop four tapered legs. Moreover, 5 shelves can be placed at various heights to accommodate books with various sizes. The mid century modern 5-shelf bookcase provides clean lines and modern design that can compliment any decoration. Besides, it’s versatile enough to be in any room in your house. You may coordinate this wonderful piece with some other preferred mid century modern collection.