16 Mens Bedroom Ideas

Decorating mens bedroom with canvas prints is definitely easier than using creative wall art or paintings. Men have a tendency to like the canvas look of a photo as compared to the fancy paintings. Besides, men like their bedrooms to be really functional without any frills. The photos or pictures printed on canvas will certainly turn out well with this kind of look. Here’s a detailed elaboration regarding mens bedroom ideas for your consideration.

The majority of men’s bedrooms is practical and comprises of basic functional furnishings. It will decorate the room effectively and it needs to be simple and at the same time appealing to the male taste. Pictures or photos that illustrate physical activities or sports can be a really big hit with men. Photos of ships, airplanes, and cars are also well-liked wall decorations for men.

A number of pictures men would like to decorate their bedroom walls are pictures portraying people sailing, surfing or biking. Remember that the colors of canvas prints will need to be in neutral shades such as white, black, green, beige, tan, cream and blue. Right before hanging the canvas on the bedroom wall, you have to paint the bedroom in comparable colors. For the furniture, you can opt for metal or wood material.

Whenever you have to place drapes or a rug, you need to use plain fabric or something that doesn’t come with frilly patterns. The plain fabric will also go well with bed linens and remember to steer clear of ruffles on throw pillows. It’s suggested to use square or rectangle shapes and avoid oval or several other obscure shapes.

In order to maintain a masculine effect to mens bedroom ideas, you need to keep the pieces and decor accents to the bare minimum. You must stick to basic furniture such as a bed, a dresser, a bedside table and perhaps one chair. Moreover, make sure you always use plain wall paint color, window treatments and accessories.